Our Team.

We are a group of mathematicians, engineers, data scientists, educators, psychologists, technologists, social entrepreneurs, and lifelong learners, who came together to help solve the challenges of global learning. We entered the Global Learning XPRIZE to use our diverse backgrounds to help spread accessible education to the world.

On June 21, 2017, our team was named as one of the Global Learning XPRIZE's 11 semi-finalists!

Bringing experts together.

Teaching the next generation to learn requires all of us, whether our expertise is with technology, with culture, with design, with psychology, with science, with art, or with community.

If having experts in a single domain were sufficient, we would already be done. The challenges of global education remain despite having experts in all of the above areas. Our best solutions require the creative collaboration of expert learners, teachers, and makers across many problem domains.

At Learn Leap Fly, we seek out experts who are committed to lifelong learning and teaching, and bring them into a collaborative environment. We challenge them to find the places where their areas of expertise intersect those of others. We help them test their notions, and their preconceptions, and we do it all in a culture of respect, honesty, and experimentation.

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Our Approach

Learn Leap Fly. Our name consists of three parts, and so does our approach.

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