About Us.

Learn Leap Fly was founded in Ottawa, Canada by wife and husband team Amy and Kjell Wooding to help foster a love of reading and learning in children around the world. Since 2015, Learn Leap Fly has been working to teach the world to learn through story-based learning, social software, and innovative technologies called digital personalities.

Bringing experts together.

Teaching the next generation to learn requires all of us, whether our expertise is with technology, with culture, with design, with psychology, with science, with art, or with community.

At Learn Leap Fly, we seek out experts who are committed to lifelong learning and teaching, and bring them into a collaborative environment. We challenge them to find the places where their areas of expertise intersect those of others. We help them test their notions, and their preconceptions, and we do it all in a culture of respect, honesty, and experimentation.

Our Approach

Learn Leap Fly. Our name consists of three parts, and so does our approach.

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