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October 18, 2016
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March 30, 2020

LLF Goes Social

At Learn Leap Fly, we read a lot.

This probably doesn’t surprise you.

Learn Leap Fly was founded by a team of lifelong learners. Our core four team members have a combined 90 years of formal schooling and 10 degrees among us (!). And we didn’t stop learning when we stopped going to school.

We love learning in all its forms. So when it comes to making amazing learning software, we read a lot, staying inspired by the latest on learning, teaching, and technology, and incorporating the best of it into our learning software.

Amy's wall of books

I can keep all of my books on here? I'm never putting this phone down.

This week, we decided to open up all of this research to you, our fans. We started using twitter to share a curated news feed with the best stories, research, and inspiration around topics that we’re following at Learn Leap Fly. Topics like:

  • Is there good screen time for young children? (We think so! But we still read it all!) How can we empower children to make smart decisions around their own device use?
  • How can we maintain childlike curiosity and keep learning fun?
  • What are best practices for teaching young learners early reading, writing and math skills—both inside the classroom and at home?
  • How can we make a difference to education on a global scale? What are the greatest educational needs worldwide?
  • How can we inspire children to love learning? How can we instill habits and mindsets early on that will enable children to love learning for the rest of their lives?

Now we want to hear from you! Are you passionate about some of these topics? Are we missing something that you care about? Let us know!

And if you haven’t done so yet, please check out Learn Leap Fly on twitter, facebook, instagram, and Pinterest. Follow us, “like” the posts that are interesting to you, and teach us what is most interesting and helpful to you as parents, teachers, fans, and lifelong learners.

Other Interesting Reads

June 15, 2020
Out of the darkness. These clouds have silver linings

COVID’s Silver Lining

As I look back over the past 3 months of COVID-19 lockdown, I realize something remarkable. It’s not been all bad. There is a silver lining to this turbulent time. One that brings me face-to-face with my own privilege.
June 1, 2020

The Basics of Crisis Schooling

This isn’t homeschooling, it’s crisis schooling. Do what you can. Your kids will be all right.
April 29, 2020

Favourite Pages, Favourite Books

One of the greatest discoveries I ever made as a reader is that if I’m not enjoying a book, I don’t have to finish it. The same is true for your kids. Here’s how having favourites can help them become lifelong readers.
April 10, 2020

Life of the (Netflix) Party

One of our favorite ways for staying socially connected lately has been to host virtual movie nights with friends and family. We use video chat,  a web browser plugin called "Netflix Party," and a hilarious addition we've dubbed the  "Toddler Cam."
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